On November 22, 2002, Spirit Circle, in accordance with it's mission of uniting spiritual people from all walks and paths, will be conducting a special day of Light, Healing and Prayer for World peace. We understand that the need for this day of prayer and light is urgently needed, and as spiritually minded people we wish to invite you and your members to join us, in our effort to heal the planet and its citizens and to unite with all people in sending our prayers for peace throughout the world and to cleanse and heal it. All spiritual people, regardless of your religion or path can help in this effort.
We hope that you will join your light with ours, if you wish to be a part of this day with us, please email us at thespiritcircle@yahoo.com  Or you may email either:
Charles Grooms at chgrooms@bellsouth.net
or Joyce Chandler at joycech@earthlink.net

If you wish to be a part, we will be placing a special section on our community website titled Day Of Peace, where you may add your community or organization information in support and participation of this event. We will open both of our chatrooms all day, where all can come and in their own way and in their own individual belief system, join virtual hands with each other, and send out our united prayers, healing and light.

Please feel free to pass on this information to any community, regardless of their religious beliefs as we are all united in the cause of light and in prayer for the healing and peace of the world.

We hope to hear from you, and to add your community to the list of those who call for a day of peace.

We can and must make a difference!

In Love and Light,
Charles Grooms,
President of Spirit Circle

Joyce Chandler
Executive Vice President
Spirit Circle